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New year, new album

Happy 2011 and to all of you!! So another year is upon is, and with it we have very a busy time ahead. We just got back from our first ever tour of India – wow, what an experience it was!! Thanks to everyone who came our and supported us over there.
Our new album ‘A History Of Now’ is being released later this month in Japan, and next month for the rest of the world. We’ve also just confirmed some live shows in Japan (fitting in that there is a Japan only tribute to the great city of Tokyo on the album), and there are also upcoming dates in Paris and London too! There is going to be many more live shows upcoming too.
Hope you’re all liking the new website. Be sure to get involved in the messageboard. All the guys will be jumping in there from time to time, answering questions and meeting everyone.

3 Responses to “New year, new album”

  1. Chhoti Laura says:

    Just wanted to say your new website is absolutely fantastic, full of colours, just like India !
    Jai Hind!
    Phir milenge ! X
    Chhoti Laura

  2. mrfreaklips says:

    Hey guys loving the new web site and also the fact that you guys are as important to me now as when i first heard comunity music.cant say that about many bands lol.not sure if any of you remember but i was one of the guys shouting CHANDRASONIC at the gig you did a couple of decembers ago in sala la tren in granada and the bass player in my band had a ? on his forehead.cant wait for the new album and please if you have a little time check out my tunage because it was inspired mostly by you.i am working on my first real album but i do everything myself now so its taking, videos, designs etc aswell as being a good little truth seeker.

  3. csonic2011 says:

    Of course i’ll give it a listen Freaklips!

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